Assembly news 21st October

In Junior Infants, Miss Colvin’s class had a special visitor this week. Tizzy the Tiger came to visit. It was great fun.
Miss Bowen’s class went out to watch the tree surgeons at work. It was very interesting to watch the trees being trimmed.

The Senior Infant classes are getting ready for Halloween. Ms Cashin’s class went on a visit to the Halloween garden and thought it was very spooky! Ms Kennedy’s class are setting up a witches’ den and will be making spells and potions!

In First Class, Ms Curley’s class are really enjoying learning new athletic skills with Janice and maybe some of them might be in the Olympics.
Ms Daly’s Literacy Lift Off is finishing next week. The children have worked so hard and are becoming better and fluent readers. Mr Walshe’s class made spooky Halloween witches in art this week.
In Ms Ryan’s class , Ms Monahan’s class is going to have a games tournament with her children.

In Second Class, Ms Monahan’s class have been learning about mindfulness and taking deep breaths this week. Ms Hennessy’s class have been measuring and comparing each other’s heights in maths. Mrs Byrne’s class had a great trip to the library yesterday with Mr O’Sioráin and love their new books!

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