Assembly News 14th October

Here is the news for this week. In Second Class, Ms Monahan’s class have been sewing ghosts this week. Ms Hennessy’s class have been learning about the inventor Thomas Edison. He invented the lightbulb.

Mrs Byrne’s class are looking forward to Mr O Sioráin and Ms Foley coming in to teach them over the next 2 weeks. They will have lots of fun and will be very good!

Senior Infants have been very busy this week. Ms Cashin’s class have been sorting lots of Autumn leaves and seeds. They have been learning about hedgehogs. Ms Kennedy’s class went on an Autumn hunt with checklists and found lots of signs of Autumn.

The Junior Infant children are having fun learning about Autumn in Aistear. Ms Colvin’s class had a nature hunt around the school and found lots of signs of Autumn. Ms Bowen’s class enjoyed collecting leaves in a wheelbarrow and singing Autumn leaves are falling down.

In First class news ,Ms. Daly’s class are in Halloween spirit. They are playing games like The Haunted House and Zombies. Mr. Walshe’s class went on an autumn walk around the school. They saw lots of signs of autumn. Ms. Curley’s class were scientists this week. They measured the temperature outside and inside the classroom. Ms. Ryan’s class made a cooked breakfast last Friday. They had sausages, pudding, eggs, beans and toast.
That’s all the news for this week. Thanks for listening and have a lovely weekend!

One thought on “Assembly News 14th October

  1. So lovely to see all the children so happy getting to know all that happens in Autumn 👏👏👏👏👏👏😄😄😄😄😄😄


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