Ms. Cashin

Spring has arrived and we are learning all about it in room 14! This is one of our Aistear groups using márla and playmats today. Can you spot our daffodil bulbs in pots in the middle of our class groups?

What is your favourite way to build words? Can you see different ways we practice making words in senior infants? Keep looking for those daffodils in pots too! They are growing big and strong in our bright and warm classroom.

We can make big numbers too and create sums from our heads. Here are some of my clever class using Montessori equipment to work independently with number. Did you know that puzzles of all kinds make us better at maths? They help us with problem solving, an important part of maths.

Did you see all the gardening we did? Our caretaker Niall and lots of adult volunteers helped us to dig holes and sow the saplings. There is a new hedge planted by the students of Saint Bernadette’s Junior School!

World Book Day 2023

We love books! We made a special book for world book day. Do you know the title? Do you remember the book we made last year? We read lots of books at DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read). We did a scavenger hunt through our class library and hunted all over the school to answer the question “Where’s Wally?” Librarian Aoife came from our beautiful new library to read a story to every class. It was called Not Now Bernard and was written by David McKee. Do you know he wrote all the Elmer books too? Look at us so busy!!!

We visit the new Library!

We visited the new library and met the lovely librarians who read us a story. It was a great place to visit and we loved it there, so sunny and bright. They promised to visit us in school after Christmas. We hope they bring lots of books!

Summer in Senior Infants!

We learned about trees and flowers, seeds and bulbs in class so we tried the bean-in-a-bag project. It worked so well in our bright and sunny room! When the beans were too big for the bag we had a new plan. Our caretaker Niall is a great gardener so he helped us to find space in the school garden and sow our beans. We hope they grow tall and strong! Do you remember what happened in our story of Jack and the Beanstalk? Only friendly giants welcome at Saint Bernadette’s.

Now we are trying another exciting project growing butterflies! We fed caterpillars until they were long and fat. Now they are in cocoons they made for themselves. Can you guess what will happen next?

Aistear in Action

Now that we know all the letters in the alphabet, we are using them to build words and

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