Assembly News 28th October

Here is the news for this week. Ms Hennessy’s class have been making witches houses
out of paper for art this week. Ms Monahan’s class are delighted that she is back and feeling better! Mrs Byrne’s class have been learning about the origins of Halloween with Mr O Sioráin.

In First Class, Ms Ryan’s are playing Halloween games like snap apple and apple on the
string. Ms Curley’s class cut a bairin Breac and Troy Brady got the ring. Mr Walshe’s class have been carving a pumpkin. Ms Daly’s class are playing bobbing for the apple and eating Bairin Breac. They did a great job helping Niall with weeding.

In Senior Infants Ms Cashin’s class had a great trip to the library and got some lovely books. Ms Kennedy’s class are so happy to welcome Dhanvin back to their class. In Junior Infants, Ms Bowen’s class had a Halloween fruit party. Ms Colvin’s class are carving pumpkins in Aistear.

That’s all the news for this week. Thanks for listening and have a very Happy Halloween.

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