Mr. Walshe

Active Week

Day 1 – Circuit Training

29th May 2023

We were working up a sweat today in the hall with Ms. Bowen doing circuit training for the first day of active week. We were doing skipping, step-ups, wall sits and planks. The children were sweating afterwards and had a well deserved drink of water!



The children were very busy today helping Neil in the garden to get rid of the weeds. They all did a great job!

Wassily Kandinsky

This week we have been learning all about a new artist called Wassily Kandinsky. The children were very busy doing their ‘concentric circles’ and mixing colours. They all did a great job!

Spring Sunflowers

23rd March 2023

We have been very busy for Spring making our own sunflowers. We got pots and put some soil and sunflower seeds into the pots and have been watering them every day! This week, they started to grow into seedlings and are getting bigger every week.

Snow Day

10th March 2023

Everyone had a great time on small break today having a snowball fight and building snowmen. Even though it was very cold!

World Book Week

We had a great time this week making a book called ‘Where’s Mr. Ward?’ based on the very popular ‘Where’s Wally?’ book that’s in our class. We also had a trip to the library, went on a ‘Where’s Wally’ hunt around the school and made lovely book reviews on our favourite books.

Trip to Dublin Zoo

We had a trip to Dublin Zoo last week where we got to see loads of animals like giraffes, orangutan’s, wolves and even snakes! Everyone then got a chance to be a paleontologist where they dug up ancient dinosaur bones using their own brushes. Everyone had a ball and enjoyed the day!

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