Mission Statement

In St. Bernadette’s JNS children are central to all we do. We provide a happy,
safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment. Our aim is to help the
children in our care achieve their potential both as learners and as unique
individuals. We take a holistic approach to education. We cater for the
physical, academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the children. This
approach includes a strong focus on literacy, numeracy, the arts, and physical
and mental well-being.

St. Bernadette’s JNS is a Catholic school. We are guided by Christian values. St.
Bernadette’s JNS is an inclusive school. We welcome children of all abilities,
faiths and belief systems. We respect and celebrate difference.
We recognise parents as the primary educators of their children. We work in
partnership with parents towards creating a school community which nurtures
children based on a vision of inclusion and achieving potential.

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