Assembly News 7th of October

Here is the news for this week. In First Class, Ms. Ryan’s class are following the golden rules. She is so proud of them. Ms. Daly’s class have been doing great freeze frames of the 4 seasons in drama. Mr. Walshe’s class are making songs in music using their body to make sounds. Zoe Carr in Ms. Curley’s class got a new dog. Her name is Ayla.

Well done to the Starlette Twirlers in their competition in Cork last weekend. They were great and won lots of trophies and prizes. Well done girls. Eva and Emma from 1 st class showed us their dance at assembly.

The children in Junior Infants have been learning about growing and changing. Bodhi’s mam brought in his little brother, Ziggy so the children could learn about what babies need to grow and learn. Franklin’s little sister, Dream is coming in next week to visit the children.

The children in Senior Infants are learning all about Autumn. They will be going on a nature walk very soon. Sean in Ms Kennedy’s class brought in a big bag of shiny conkers. Samantha in Ms Cashin’s class has a new baby brother. Congratulations to all the family.

Ms Monahan’s class enjoyed World Tree Day and learning all about different kinds of trees. Ms Hennessy’s class had a great trip to the library yesterday and love their new books. Mrs Byrne’s class have started rehearsing their Halloween song and have been practicing actions to go with it.

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