Assembly news 16th November

It has been such a busy week for everyone.

The Junior Infant children had great fun this week planting bulbs with Niall. Ms Colvin’s class are really enjoying reading about Jake and Tizzy every week and bringing the stories home. Ms Bowen’s class love playing the 3 little pigs game, trying to build houses before the wolf blows them down.

In Senior Infants, Ms Cashin’s and Ms Kennedy’s classes were also outside planting bulbs with Niall. They planted crocuses and snowdrops. They did a great job! They are enjoying Science week and have done the rainbow and lava lamp experiments.

In first class news, Ms. Daly’s class finished their Zones project. They were so good that they all got a certificate and a prize. Mr. Walshe’s class started English stations this week. All of the teachers are so happy with them. Ms. Curley’s class are working hard on building boats for Science week. It is hard work but they are doing great.

Ms. Ryan’s have been busy building bridges for Science week. They are having so much fun.

Ms Monahan’s class had a very nice trip to the library yesterday and loved picking their new books. Ms Hennessy’s class had a fabulous week doing lots of science experiments. Their favourite was the balloon powered car one. Mrs Byrne’s class had a lovely time being guests in other classes for two days this week. They would like to say thanks for having them.

That’s all the news for this week.

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