Ms Bowen

Green fingers:

The children have been busy gardening over the last few weeks. Our adventure began when we walked to the garden centre at B&Q. We bought cress seeds, beans, and some hyacinth bulbs. We planted the seeds in little pots and we have been nurturing the hyacinth in the classroom until it`s warm enough to transfer outside. We have also been watering heather and we hope to plant it in the school garden soon. Our cress has started to grow, and our beans now have a shoot, there was great excitement when we discovered this. The children have taken great care of the seeds, beans and bulbs and are becoming impressive gardeners!!

March/April 2023:


The children are working hard on their sounds. In March, one of our sounds was “uh” for the letter “u”. We had great fun exploring this sound, we were under the umbrella, under the table and we even turned ourselves upside down!!

The children are learning how to blend sounds and are now able to write three letter words independently. Look at the words they have written.

Active learners:

The children are very active in their learning, we use lots of different activities in our classroom. Look at the pictures below to see the range of activities that the children are involved in.

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