Ms Colvin

Our Class Book – The Gingerbread Family!

We had the best fun creating our class book – The Gingerbread Family for World Book Day! 🙂 Have a look and see if you can spot any familiar faces behind the masks!

Lá Glas 2023

Lá Glas a bhí ann agus bhaineamar taitneamh as an lá agus as Seachtain na Gaeilge! Bhíomar ag caint as Gaeilge níos mó agus rinneamar dán “Aon, Dó, Muc is Bó” agus amhrán “Ceann, Gulainn, Gluain, Mearchosa” in Assembly!
It was our Green Day and we really enjoyed the day and our Irish week. We were speaking Irish more often and we did a poem and a song in Assembly!

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