Ms. Daly

May 2023

We are so lucky to have some very special visitors in St Bernadettes. We have welcomed Banana, Chicka, Sunday and Lisa to our school. We visited them as eggs and watched them hatching. Then we were even lucky enough to hold them!

We are so excited for our school trip to the beach that we did some collaborative art inspired by the beach! We painted the sand and the sea, next we added some colourful umbrellas and finally we put some swimmers in the sea! We can’t wait to visit the real beach in 41 days!

We’ve been learning about orienteering in PE this term. We have been looking for clues all around the school. It’s been great fun!

Spring 2023

Spring is a happy season for learning. During the spring so many things happen, from trees budding to flowers blooming. We have been so busy in room 8 enjoying all things spring.

Firstly, we made beautiful flowers for all the mammies for Mother’s Day. We hope you loved them as much as we loved making them.

Next we created our very own Spring Fair. We sold crafts we made in class at the fair including spring flower wreaths, handmade bracelets and bird feeders. We used procedural writing steps to make all our crafts.

Finally, we have been busy learning the science of planting. We planted trees with our caretaker Niall and learnt about the life cycle of a sunflower. We are watching our sunflowers grow and watering them every day.

Snow Day 10th March 2023

The children had so much fun on yard playing in the snow. They made snow men and even had a snowball fight. They were FREEZING but it was so fun!

Zoo Trip February 2023

Today we got to be dinosaur detectives at the zoo! The children had an amazing time learning all about dinosaurs and fossils. Then we got to see all the animals in the zoo. Our favourite animal was the red panda.

Valentines Day 2023

We did lovely valentines day art in our class.

We went to the post box to post our valentines cards home.

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